Energy Generation through Vedas  

 Aja (Dark Energy)

In atapatha Brhmaa (, aj is described as the form of all animals. It means that aj is dark matter contained in dark holes of universe. It is the form of all other animals, like ava (sun), gau (earth) and avi (magnetosphere of earth or intermediate space between sun and earth). Aj in Atharvaveda (9.5.7) is descriebd as agni (energy). Dark matter radiates dark energy. The Atharvaveda (9.5.13) further says that Aj was born from perturbation of Agni. Yajurveda (13.51) and Atharvaveda (4.14.1) also maintain that aj was born from perturbation (oka) of agni and he saw agni first and gods became gods due to aj. This all points out that dark matter is the source of origin of starts and planets in the universe. These mantras also point out that aj is more like energy than particle. Aja is described as having one foot (ekapda) in gveda (7.35.13) and atapatha Brhmaa (

The aja here is equated to dark matter and thereby dark energy, because it is equated with night in Yajurveda. For example, in Yajurveda (23.53), following question has been raised.

k svid st prva-citti. ki svid sd bhad vaya. k k svid st pilippil. k svid st piigil. 

What is the first store house (of energy)? What is the biggest material object in the observer space? What object is pilippil (protector) and what object is piagil (devourer)?

The answer given in the next mantra (Yajurveda, 23.54) is as under:

dyaur st prvacittir ava sd bhad vaya. avirst pilippil, rtrir t piagil.

Light space is first store house of energy. Ava (stars/sun) is the biggest material objecet in observer space. Avi (intermediate space or magnetosphere in context of sun and earth) the protector and aja (dark matter) is the devourer.

Here aja is described as Piigil meaning deourer which is the characteristic of dark matter. The visible universe is born from the dark matter and again consumed into it.

Aja is piigil who devours universal objects during dissolutuin.

Aj also means not born or sometimes it is called once born (ekaja).

Thus Aja is the dark matter and Ajamedha is nothing else but the process of creation of universe from dark matter.



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