Energy Generation through Vedas  

 Field Energy or Energy of Intermediate Space (Avi)

The Avi in the Vedas is described among the 4 grmya paus. They are ava, aja, gau, and avi. Ava, gau, and avi are born of aj. Avi here is nothing but intermediate space between stars and their planets or say between our sun and earth. In Yajurveda (23.53), following question has been raised.

k svid st prva-citti. ki svid sd bhad vaya. k k svid st pilippil. k svid st piigil. 

What is the foremeost store house (of energy)? What is the biggest material object in the observer space (universe)? What object is pilippil (protector) and what object is piagil (devourer)?

The answer given in the next mantra (Yajurveda, 23.54) is as under:

dyaur st prvacittir ava sd bhad vaya. avirst pilippil, rtrir t piagil.

Light space is first store house of energy. Ava (star/sun) is the biggest material object in observer space. Avi (intermediate space or magnetosphere of earth) is the protector and aj (dark matter) is the devourer.

Here pilippil is something very soft that protects and presses very easily. Piigil means deourer.

Thus avi is considered as soft object which is nothing else but the intermediate space or magnetosphere of earth having dense field lines. The magnetosphere of earth protects us from the ultraviolet radiation from sun. Wool of avi (sheep) is used to strain soma juice. The intermediate space acts as strainer of soma juice, the radiation from sun filters down to earth through magnetosphere of earth (interface between sun and earth).

Agni being the first form of energy abiding in light space. Second form of energy is described as vyu, filed energy located in the intermediate space or in the magnetosphere of earth. The Taittiriya Upaniad describes constitution of adhiloka as follows : adhiloka is constituted with earth as the first constituent, sun  as the second constituent, antrika (intermediate space) as link between the two, i.e. earth and sun. Thus vyu here is not the air but field energy or magnetic field of the Earth in physical context. The vyu (filed lines or field energy) is a link maker between the two i.e. earth and sun.  

Magnetic field of earth

In fact, the magnetic field of the earth forms the magnetosphere, which deflects particles from the Solar wind.

The magnetoshpere shields the surface of the Earth from the charged particles of the solar wind.  Magnetosphere of each and every heavenly body is generated by the plasma located as the nuclear reactor in their centre (wombs). Similarly magnetosphere of earth is generated by the plasma located as the nuclear reactor in the centre of the earth.  It is compressed on the day (Sun) side due to the force of the arriving particles, and extended on the night side.


Radiation belts

The collision between the magnetic field and the solar wind forms the Radiation belt, a pair of concentric, Torus-shaped regions of energetic charged particles. These radiation belts surrounding the earth are known in modern science as Van Allen belts. Similar radiation belts are also formed around other planets.

Thus avi is the intermediate space and Avi medha is nothing else but the depiction of the process of collision between the magnetic field and the solar wind forming the Radiation belt. The magnetosphere protects us from solar winds. It has been discovered that the Earth's atmosphere limits the belts' particles to regions above 200-1,000 Kilometer.

Here it is significant to understand that till such times when the magnetosphere of earth was not formed, earth was a barren planet. Nothing could grow over it. As soon as the avi (magnetosphere) was formed, earth became laden with vegetations.

This fact is very beautifully depicted in the Taittirya Sahit ( as under

s avir va samabhavat. te deva abruvan devapaur v aya samabht. kasm imam lapsymaha iti. Atha vai tarhyalp pthvyst. ajt oadhaya. tm avi vam dityebhya kmylabhanta, tato vaprayat pthivi, ajyanta  oadhaya.

Then appeared avi (magnetosphere of earth). The gods proclaimed that this field mass has originated. What should we harness it for? By that time earth was a barren planet. No vegetation had grown on it. That avi was harnessed for life on the earth. Thence the earth became fertile and vegetations grew on it.

The similar observation is attested in Maitrya Sahit.

athav iya tarhyukȒsd alomik. Te abruvan tasmai kmya alabhmahai, yathȒsym oadhya ca vanaspataya ca ajyanta.

Or by that time the earth was barren without any hair growth (vegetations) over it. Let us desire for avi (magnetosphere of earth), so that vegetations may grow on the earth like hairs on body.

The above observations indicate essentiality of Avimedha or harnessing avi energy for the growth of vegetations and life on earth.

In Yajurveda (13.50) avi is attributed with epithet of ryu (woolen cover) and described as protective skin cover of paus (tvaca panm).

imam ryu varuasya nbhi tvaca anm.

 Here it may also be noted that field lines of intermediate space act as woolen filter for solar radiation to reach the earth. These field lines, in fact, act as the skin cover of earth to shieid it from solar winds. That is why, the avi is attributed with the above epithets.



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