Energy Generation through Vedas  

 Geothermal Energy (Gau)

The Vedic seers were well aware of geothermal energy. ƒatapatha BrÈhma‡a ( says that earth holds energy in her womb. This fact is clarified more vividly in Yajurveda (11.57)

mÈtÈ putraŠ yathopasthe sÈgniŠ bibhartu garbha È

Earth holds the energy in her womb like the mother her child.

ƒatapatha BrÈhma‡a ( further explaina this as under:

iti yathÈ mÈtÈ putramupasthe bibh’yÈd evam agniŠ garbhe bibhartviti

Just as mother carries the child in her womb, similarly earth holds the energy in her womb.

The same fact has been upheld by ƒ.Br. ( and TȇÇya BrÈhma‡a (10.1.1) other way round. They maintain that this earth is three layered- energy - hard crust- vegetation. Energy layer is sourrounded by the hard crust which is further covered with the vegetation.

triv‚d hi iyam (p‚thivÏ). ƒ.Br.  

agninÈ p‚thivyÈ o–dhibhiÌ tenÈyaŠ p‚thivÏ likaÌ triv‚t. Tȇ. Br.

TaittirÏya BrÈhma‡a ( mentions that energy is located in earth.

agnir asi p‚thivyÈŠ „ritaÌ.

Energy has its shelter in earth.

At another place the same fact is mentioned in an allegorical manner as under:

agnir devebhyo nilÈyata. ÈkhÊrÊpaŠ k‚tvÈ sa p‚thivÏŠ prÈvi„at.

TaittirÏya Br.

Energy absconded from luminory bodies and piereced into earth like a mouse.

The seer of ƒatapatha Br. ( describes geothermal energy as located in the middle of earth.

p‚thivyÈ upasthÈd agniŠ pa„avyaŠ.

I harness energy beneficial to living beings from the middle of earth.

The above statement points out harnessing geothermal energy for various beneficial uses.  

Here it is also significant to understand that the Nigha‡—u reads ‘gau’ among the names of earth. As such in the Vedas, the intended meaning of gau is earth. In ƒrauta SÊtras also gau is intended for earth instead of its apparent meaning ‘cow’. Here it is important to know that in all the Vedic rituals, although we find the mention of the terms of Puru–amedha, A„vamedha etc., but there is no direct mention of Gomedha available in them. Yes, we come across a ritual named as GavÈmayana which is an year long process. This ritual does not mention the sacrifice of ‘cow’. Aitareya BrÈhma‡a (4.17) describes the GavÈmayana ritual. In the opening stanza, it is observed,

gavÈm ayanena yanti. gÈvo vÈ ÈdityÈÌ. ÈdityÈnÈmeva tad ayanena yanti. gÈvo vai satram Èsata.

Gau is earth and ayana is movement. GavÈmayana symbolizes the movement of earth (round the sun). Gaus are verily the rays of sun. GavÈmayana, therefore other way round, represents the tropical movements of sun or Èditya on earth. The UttarÈya‡a (summer solstice) and Dak–i‡Èyana (winter solstice) are two tropical movements of sun or Èditya. Thus GavÈmanayan symbolizes UttarÈya‡a and Dak–i‡Èyana.

Here it is important to know that Gomedha or GavÈlambha symbolizes the energy of earth transmitted from its centre that sterilizes the entire global surface thereby enabling us to inhabit it. For want of this geothermal radiation, the earth would have become a desert planet devoid of bio-life.

12th  mantra of the ‘BhÊmi SÊkta’ talks about a perenial source of energy in the womb of earth. It reads as follows:

yat te madhyam p‚thivÏ yacca nÈbhyÈŠ yÈst urjaÌ tanvaÌ sambhuvuÌ.

tÈsu no dhehyabhi naÌ pavasv mÈtÈ bhumiÌ putro ahaŠ prithvyÈÌ        

 O Earth! in the midst of your body there is a source of energy, situated exactly at the center, in your navel. This is your most thematic feature, energizing your entire body. We ought to focus our full attention here only. This is your sanctum sanctorum. The energy transmitted from center sterilizes the entire global surface thereby enabling us to inhabit it. You are vitalizing and sheltering the entire civilization as the mother feeds and looks after her children.

Interestingly in 1993 American Geo physicist John Marvin Herndon discovered a gigantic self sustained natural nuclear reactor at the centre of the earth producing 4 terawatts of heat power output to feed the energy requirement of 1343 active volcanoes, over 10000 hot water springs, movement of lithosphere plates, mid plate earth quakes, hotspots, tsunamis, mountain building and global heat flow value on the surface of the earth.


The radioactive remains of a natural nuclear fission   reaction that happened 1.7 billion years ago in Gabon, Africa, were held in place by the surrounding geology

Thus the very idea that life on earth is sustained by sun alone is wrong. The fact is that earth is equally responsible for sustenance of life on it. The planets without their own energy are unable to sustain life even in the presence of sun.  It is the permutation and combination of solar radiation and geothermal energy that generates the atmosphere on earth conducive to sustain bio-life on the earth.

For earthlings there are two basic sources of energy: Firstly, the Self Sustained Natural Nuclear Fission Reactor operating in the core of the Earth and Secondly, Self sustained Natural Nuclear Fusion Reactor that in the core of the Sun.

Due to its internally generated energy earth is capable of radiating more energy into space than it receives from the Sun.

The combined effect of solar radiation and geothermal energy drives the atmosphere and oceans into the patterns of everyday wind, water and weather and allows the earth to maintain an average surface temperature of 150C.

Various Permutations and combinations of geothermal energy and solar radiation are funding the so called conventional and non-conventional sources of energy viz. fossil fuels, hydel energy, wind energy, nuclear power reactors, geothermal power plants and solar power plants and so on.

The role of solar radiation in growth and development of terrestrial plants (through photosynthesis) and those of marine organisms including phytoplankton and zooplanktons is noticed by everybody.

The temperature of the caldera of an erupted volcano reaches upto 12000 Centigrade which is about 4000 centigrade higher than that of a fossil fuel fired furnace of an Electric Power Plant. There are 550 active volcanoes and more than 100,000 hot water springs on the earth to provide enough geothermal energy.

Geothermal electricity generation is currently used in 24 countries, while geothermal heating is in use in 70 countries. Estimates of the electricity generating potential of geothermal energy vary from 35 to 2,000 GW. Current worldwide Installed Capacity is 10,715 MW. In recent years, the Indonesian Govt. has announced plans for two ‘fast-track’ increases in the total capacity of Indonesia’s electricity generation network of 10,000 MW each. Geothermal power is considered to be sustainable because the heat extraction is small compared with earth’s heat content. This heat naturally flows to the surface by conduction and is replenished by radioactive decay. The earth’s heat content is 1031 joules. The estimated electricity generating potential of geothermal energy can readily provide power at rates, more than double humanity’s current energy consumption from primary sources.

The emission intensity of existing geothermal electric plants is on average 122 Kg of CO2 per mega watt-hour (MW-h) of electricity, about one-eighth of a conventional coal-fired plant. As a result, geothermal power has the potential to help mitigate the global warming if widely deployed in place of fossil fuels. Geothermal has minimal land and fresh water requirements. Geothermal plants use 3.5 square kilometers per giga watt of electrical production versus 32 square kilometers and 12 square kilometers for coal facilities and wind farms respectively. They use 20 liters of fresh water per MW-h versus over 1000 liters per MW-h for nuclear, coal or oil. Moreover, geothermal power does not rely on variable sources of energy, unlike, e.g. wind or solar.

Its capacity factor can be quite large - upto 96% has been demonstrated. The global average was 73% in 2005.



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