Energy Generation through Vedas  

 Marine Energy

˙gveda (2.35.3) speaks about the marine energy as under:

samanyČ yantyupa yanty anyČĚ

samČnam ĘrvaŠ nadyaĚ p‚‡anti

tam Ę „uciŠ „ucayo dĎdivČnsam

apČŠ napČtaŠ pari tasthur ČpaĚ

Some waters collect together (from the rain); others, (already collected on earth), unite with them; as rivers, they flow to­gether to propitiate the marine energy: the pure waters are gathered round the pure and brilliant energy.

˙gveda (10.45.3) portrays an idea of harnessing marine energy among others for the welfare of humanity.

samudra tvČ n‚ma‡Č apsvantar

n‚cak–Č Ďdhe divo agna Ędhan

t‚tĎye tvČ rajasi tasthivČnsam

apČm upasthe mahi–Č avardhan

He who wants the welfare of humanity, harness marine energy, the solar energy and atmospheric energy from clouds.



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