Energy Generation through Vedas  

 Puri–a Agni (Bio-energy of Earth)

Kapi–—hala Ka—ha Sa×hitÈ (35.3) maintains that energy is also located in earth in the form of PurÏ–a (excretion i.e.fossil fuel).

ye agnayaÌ purÏ–i‡a Èvi–—È p‚thivim anu.

These energies have entered into earth in the form of fossil fuels.

At another place the same fact has been substentiated as under

mÈteva putraŠ p‚thivÏ purÏ–yam agniŠ sve yonÈvubhÈrukhÈ.

Just as mother delivers a child, similarly the earth delivers energy in the form of fossil fuels.  

RV (1.163.1), describes fossil fuels as one of the source of energy.   

yad akrandaÌ prathamaŠ jÈyamÈna

udyant samudrÈd uta vÈ purÏ–Èt

„yenasya pak–È hari‡asya bÈhÊ

upastutyaŠ mahi jÈtaŠ te arvan

Your great birth, O glorified energy is to be decried; whether first springing from the sea bottom or from excrement (feces) of earth. You have the wings of the falcon and the limbs of the deer.

The above mantra notes that energy also originates from sea bottom and land from the feces or excrement of earth. This, other way round, points out to the generation of energy in anaerobic decomposition of remains of buried dead organisms (in the earth’s crust and the sea bottom) and their further chemical alteration into fossil fuels (like coal, methane, natural gas and petroleum). The energy thus generated is called Puri–a energy. Puri–a here symbolizes excrement of feces of earth. The combustion of fossil fuels releases energy which is second hand/ recycled forms of solar and geothermal Energies. That is why, Genius Mother Nature has deliberately dumped these rotten, poisonous products (fossil fuels) of solar radiation and geothermal energy, many kilometers deep into the continental and oceanic crusts, The harnessing energy from feces of earth is decried, however glorified it may be, as the consumption of these fossil fuels for purpose of energy will ultimately vitiate the biosphere of earth.



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