Puru–a (Energy in Universe)

The Universe is called Puru–a. Puru–a, in fact, is the life principle of Universe. In ChÈndogya Upani–ad, Puru–a is equated with universe. ƒatapatha BrÈhma‡a ( also bears out this fact as :

ime vai lokÈÌ pÊÌ, ayam eva puru–o yo’pavate. So’syÈŠ puri „ete tasmÈt puru–Ì. Yade–u loke–vannaŠ tadasyÈnnaŠ medhaÌ. tad-yad asy-aitad annaŠ medhas tasmÈt puru–medhaÌ. Atho yadasmin medhyÈn puru–È nÈlabhate tasmÈd eva puru–medhaÌ

This universe is the body. One who resides in this universal body is called Puru–a. Mass energy in universe acts as food, since this food is consumed for evolution of universe. That is why the Puru–amedha (evolution of universe) takes place. This puru–medha takes place due to one particle combining with another particle to generate third particle and so on.

Caraka Sa×hitÈ (ƒÈrÏra-sthÈna, 5.3), also describes Puru–a an epitome of Universe, as all the spiritual and material phenomena of Puru–a are present in universe. That is why a concept of ‘BrahmȇÇa Puru–a’ came into origin. Thus there is no difference between organic whole and universal whole.          

In the Puru– Sukta of ÿgveda (10.90.10), it has been described that from Puru–a four pa„us: avi, a„va, ajÈ and gau were born.

‘From that (Puru–a) horses were born, who have teeth on both sides. From that cows were born, from that goats were born and sheep were born.’

Thus observer space (universe) became conspicuous with the presence of for grÈmya pa„us like a„va, gau, avi and ajÈ. Here a„va is representative of stars, gau is representative of plantes and satellites, avi is representative of intermediate space and aja is representative of dark matter existing in the universe. These all bodies are source of energy. For example, dark matter has dark energy, stars have solar energy, planets have geothermal energy and intermediate space has field energy. This fact has been corroborated by ƒatapatha BrÈhma‡a (6.2.1.-4) as

PrajÈpati looked at agni in those pa„us, therefore they are called pa„us.

Note: The word pa„u is derived from root d‚„ (pa„ya) ‘to see’.

Yajurveda (23.17) describes Agni as ‘pa„u

TaittÏriya BrÈhma‡a ( mentions, pa„us as Ègneya’.

All these Vedic authorities confirm that these objecets of observer space (universe) are made up of energy and they generate energy.    

Types of Sustainable Energy

As cited above from universal Puru–a, four types of pa„us came into being, viz. a„va (horse), gau (cow), ajÈ (goat)  and avi (sheep). This make us understand that in the universe, according to Vedas, there are four types of sustainable energies. A detailed description of these energies is given below:



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 Vai„e–ika’s three forms of Energy


 Puru–a (Energy in Universe)

 A„va (Solar Energy)  

 Water Energy/ Hydro power


 Marine Energy


 Field Energy or Energy of Intermediate Space (Avi)


 Aja (Dark Energy)


 Geothermal Energy (Gau)


 Puri–a Agni (Bio-energy of Earth)

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