Energy Generation through Vedas  

 A„va (Solar Energy)

The A„va in the Vedas is described as one among the 4 grÈmya pa„us, viz. a„va, ajÈ, gau, and avi. A„va here is nothing but the sun which is the biggest source of energy in our universe. In Yajurveda, (23.53), following query has been raised.

kÈ svid ÈsÏt pÊrva-cittiÌ. kiŠ svid ÈsÏd b‚had vayaÌ. kÈ svid ÈsÏt pilippilÈ. kÈ svid ÈsÏt pi„i×gilÈ. 

‘What is the first store house (of energy)? What is the biggest source of energy in the observer space? What object is pilippilÈ (protector) and what object is pi„a×gila (devourer)?’

The answer given in the next mantra (Yajurveda, 23.54) is as under:

dyaur ÈsÏt pÊrvacittir a„va ÈsÏd b‚had vayaÌ. avirÈsÏt pilippilÈ, rÈtrir ÈÏt pi„a×gilÈ.

Light space (socurce of primary and pure energy) is first store house of energy. A„va (stars/sun) is the biggest source of energy in observer space. Avi (intermediate space or magnetosphere) is the protector and ajÈ (dark matter) is the devourer of every thing.

The a„va, in fact, is symbolic of sun in Vedas. ÿgveda (1.163.2) equates sun with a„va (horse). TaittirÏya BrÈhma‡a ( describes a„va as Èditya.

asau vÈ Èdityo’„vaÌ.

That sun is a„va.

Aitareya BrÈhma‡a (6.35) more emphatically mentions radiant sun as white a„va.

atha yo’sau (suryaÌ) tapatÏ e–o’„vaÌ „veto rÊpaŠ k‚tvÈ’„vÈbhidhÈnyapihitenÈtmanÈ praticakrÈma.  

Gopatha BrÈhma‡a (Second part 3.19) also calls sun as a„va.

sauryyo vÈ a„vaÌ.

 Sun is verily a„va.

In Vedic and Paurȇika allegories sun has been described with a chariot yoked with seven horses. These seven horses of sun are nothing but the seven Vibgyor rays of sun. 

 A„vamedha YÈga - A Process of Harnessing Solar Energy

The word A„vamedha is formed of two words, A„va+medha. The meaning of a„va has already been elaborated as sun. Medha is derived from root medh‚ ‘to achieve’ or ‘to kill’. The process of medha involves the gain of some and loss of other. For example, gain of matter and loss of energy and vice verse. In most modern scientific terms, it can be stated that the word medha stands for harnessing. The process of harnessing solar energy for sustenance of life on earth is called A„vamedha. ƒatapatha Brahma‡a ( says that A„vamedha is the sun.


At another place ƒatapatha Brahma‡a ( says that A„vamedha is performed by the radiatin of sun.

e–a vÈ a„vamedho ya e–a (sÊryaÌ) tapati.

While ƒatapatha Brahma‡a ( says that  A„vamedha is to be done year after year.

There are following peculiarities of A„vamedha YÈga:

 Year long ritual: A„vamedha yÈga is an year long ritual. Since earth takes one complete year to complete one revolution of the sun.

 Universal King: A„vamedha yÈga can be performed only by the universal king (Cakravrati SamrÈ—), since king is the representative of sun, the king of our solar system.

 Selection of Horse: Such a horse is selected for the ritual whose forepart is black and backpart is white which has a cart shapped mark on its forehead. The horse of A„vamedha yÈga with above features is symbolic of Sun, since out of 24 hours of a solar day, first 12 hours are covered by night and second 12 hours are covered by day. Night is represented by dark hue and day by white. The cart sign on the forehead of A„vamedha yÈga horse is representative of the twilight hours when the rays of rising sun in the eastern horizon gives an impression of a cart.

 Rein of Horse: A„vamedha yÈga horse is supposed to have a rein measuring 12 to 13 aratnis (units). This measurement 12 to 13 aranis is symbolic of 12 or 13 (in case of an intercalary month) months of a year. Clarified butter is applied to the rein of horse, which symbolizes the luminosity of sun.

 Four queens of King: The A„vamedha yÈga is performed by a consecrated king, who is accompanied by four queens. Here four queens of king are symbolic of four directions. Eastern direction symbolizes Mahi–Ï (queen dowager). Sun is born (rises) in this direction. That is why, it figuratively said in ƒatapatha Brahma‡a (, that the fallus of horse is placed in the lap of Mahi–Ï queen.

nirÈyatyÈ„vasya „i„naŠ mahi–yupasthe nidhatte v‚–È vÈjÏ retodhÈ reto dadhÈtviti.

Western direction is symbolic of queen vallabhÈ or VÈvÈtÈ (favourite). As the sun sets in west, so it is allegorically mentioned that the sun takes rest or sleeps in the western direction. Due to this reason, the king performing the A„vamedha yÈga is advised to take a nap resting his head in the laps of VallbhÈ or VÈvÈtÈ queen. Similarly north and south directions are represented respectively by queens named AvallbhÈ or Pariv‚ktÈ (unfavourite) and DÊtaputrÏ or PÈlÈgalÏ (daughter of envoy), because these directions can have their contact with sun only during UttarÈya‡a (winter solstice) and Dak–i‡Èyan (summer solstice).

 Horse year long wandering:  Year long wandering of horse is symbolic of the earth’s period of revolution around sun.

 Body guards of the horse: Sun rays are the representative of body guards of the horse. ÿgveda (6.47.18) mentions tens of houndres of rays of sun.

yuktÈ harya„ „atÈda„a.

 Fastening of horse with ropes: In A„vamedha yÈga, the horse is fastened with ropes from all sides. This is symbolic of sun being surrounded by rays. Some other animals are also tied to the rope surrounding the horse which symbolizes the planets attracted to sun due to gravitational pull.

 A„vamedha YÈga - A Process for harnessing solar energy: As indicated above, the A„vamegha yÈga is nothing else but a process to harness solar energy for sustenance of life on the earth.

The ÿgveda (2.167.1), speaks about harnessing the energy from sun for useful technical applications. It also highlights earth receiving energy from the sun.     

yamena dattaŠ trita enam

Èyunag indraŠ prathamo adhyati–—hat

gandharvo asya ra„anÈm

ag‚bh‡Èt sÊrÈd a„vaŠ vasavo nirata–—a.

The scholars (VasavaÌ) harness energy from sun in a controlled manner (Yama) and utilized (ayunak) for various technological purposes. Energy was first transformed into Indra (electricity) for its applied use. Gandharva (magnetosphere of earth) captured the reins (radiations) of sun.

The RV. (3.2.3) talks about the multiple technologies developed from solar energy for long term benefits.

kratvÈ dak–asya taru–o vidharma‡i

devÈso agniŠ janayanta cittibhiÌ

rurucÈnaŠ bhÈnunÈ jyoti–È mahÈmatyaŠ

na vajaŠ sani–yannupa bruve

The schoalrs (endowed) with intelligence, harness solar energy powerful like a stead for multiple technological uses in order to get efficiency in accomplishing their tasks.

In 2011, the International Energy Agency said that ‘the development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean solar energy technologies will have huge longer-term benefits. It will increase the countries’ energy security through reliance on an indigenous, inexhaustible and mostly import-independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower the costs of mitigating climate change, and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise. These advantages are global. Hence the additional costs of the incentives for early deployment should be considered learning investments; they must be wisely spent and need to be widely shared.

The total solar energy absorbed by Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land masses is approximately 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year[8]. In 2002, this was more energy in one hour than the world used in one year. Photosynthesis captures approximately 3,000 EJ per year in biomass. The amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the planet is so vast that in one year it is about twice as much as will ever be obtained from all of the Earth’s non-renewable resources of coal, oil, natural gas and mined uranium combined.

Here it may be pertinent to say that those who really want to know the relationship of Sun with the human life should not get satisfied with physical scientific explanations alone, rather they should also be conversant with the Indian spiritual knowledge acquired in this context. According to the physical science, the Sun is supposed to be responsible mainly for climate, vegetation and the changes in the visible world. But the teachers of the spiritual science are of the view that the sentiments / emotions of human beings are also deeply affected by the Sun. Galileo, throwing light on the same subtle science, once said "Whatever we see is not the complete Sun. The real Sun is a kind of consciousness or vitality or energy, which is reflected in every atom of the solar system. Even, the photons (corpuscles or packets of energy) radiated by the atom are as powerful as those radiated by Sun".

Now it has been proved through these investigations that the human beings are totally dependent on the Sun. The science of establishing a mental contact with the Sun and knowing several hidden mysteries of nature and acquiring supernatural powers for spiritual development was known in our country as GÈyatrÏ VidyÈ. The human body is a mixture of the elements of earth and sun (i.e. the matter and energy) and hence, from the physical and mental point of view, the human body is not only affected by earth but there is a tremendous influence of the sun also. When we think over our physical body, it appears that by taking food, water, etc, that is the essence of earth, a number of elements like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, iron, sulphur, etc, are produced inside the body. Herein, vital energies that are subtler than these elements are active.

The pulsations in our body are due only to Prȇa (vital air). We are able to perform actions like sneezing, yawning, sleeping, closing the eyelids, etc. only because of Prȇa. These actions cannot be performed by inert matter (elements). Prȇa is subtler than all the elements. That is why, it cannot be seen. However, it can be felt and understood easily through the science of GÈyatrÏ. According to astronomers, basically there are only two elements in the Sun- first, hydrogen and second helium. Sun consumes hydrogen and converts it into helium. This emits energy, heat and light.

Not only the flames as those in the yaj¤a ku‡Ça (fire altar of yaj‡a) erupt from the sun, but eddies of energy which are the mixture of light, heat and electrical charge also erupt from its surface. Almost a similar kind of reaction takes place in our bodies. Same type of energy in the form of thoughts is present in our minds. It is a kind of vibration and hence it cannot be seen but most of the energy in bodies manifests itself in a similar way. The power of sun is limitless, almost infinite. It goes on bestowing (radiating) continuously and hence there has been a tradition to call it by the honorific title of DevatÈ (deity). If the latter meaning of sun is taken for granted and by assuming that it is the central power of thoughts and emotions, a process of its utilization can be adopted.
Then it should be possible for anyone to acquire physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual boons. The scripture says- "SÊrya ÈtmÈ jagatas thu„a„ ca" That is - the Sun is the soul of this world.

Catalyst to Solar Energy

ÿgveda (5.62.1-2) sheds ample good light on the generation of solar energy (radiation + light). Herein it is stated that only one fundamental particle named proton (positively charged matter particle) plays a catalyst role in the continuous generation of energy from sun. The mantra reads as follows:

‚tena ‚tam apihitaŠ dhruvaŠ

vÈŠ sÊryasya yatra vimucantya„vÈn

da„a „atÈ saha tasthustadekaŠ

devÈnÈŠ „re–—haŠ vapu–Èm apa„ya.

O Mitra and Varuna! Your eternal nature is concealed in the permanent flow of thusand rays of sun abiding together. I have detacted one of you i.e positively charged particle in the sun rays..

The deity of the above mantra is Mitra and Varu‡a. Varu‡a is the representative of electron (negatively charged particles) and Mitra is proton (positively charged particles). The seer wants to say that the sun rays are abode of protons which are catalyst to solar energy (radiation+ light).

tatsu vÈŠ mitrÈvaru‡È mahitvam

ÏrmÈ tasthu–Ïrahabhir duduhre

vi„vÈÌ pinvathaÌ svasarasya

dhenÈ anu vÈmekaÌ pavirÈ vavarta.

Exceeding is that your greatness, O Mitra (proton) and Varu‡a (electron), the permanent catalyst of solar energy (radiation+light). Both of you are ever-moving and augment all the self moving rays of sun. The one of you (proton) perpetually makes the wheel of sun move.

In the above mantra it observed that

1.    Sun has a catalyst.

2.    One (mitra) of two (Mitra and Varuna) is responsible for rotating the wheel of sun.

3.    In the process, the sun rays are augmented.

4.    The flow of rays is caused by density of radiation.

5.    The rays of sun are self moving and radiation carries energy.

‚tena ‚tam apihitaŠ dhruvaŠ

vÈŠ sÊryasya yatra vimucantya„vÈn

da„a „atÈ saha tasthustadekaŠ

devÈnÈŠ „re–—haŠ vapu–Èm apa„ya.

O Mitra and Varuna! your eternal nature is concealed in the permanent flow of nature where a thusand rays of sun abiding together are emited. I have detacted one of you i.e partice inn the sun rays.



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