Energy Generation through Vedas  

Vedic Law of Conservation of Energy

The Vedic notion of conservation of energy has been expressed in various mantras. Here under the Vedic view is presented as reflected in some of the mantras. For example, ˙gveda (2.6.1-4) reads as follows:

imČŠ me agne samidham imČm upasadaŠ vaneĚ.

imČ u –u „rudhĎ giraĚ.

Agni (energy), on being well utilized acts as fuel. It also acts as oblation. May you listen to our praises.

ayČ te agne vidhemorjo napČda„vam i–—e

enČ sĘktena sujČta.

May we conserve you, Agni (energy) for your sustainable power. May we please you easily born, by this hymn.

taŠ tvČ gĎrbhir girva‡asaŠ dravi‡asyuŠ dravi‡odaĚ

saparyema saparyavaĚ

Granter of riches, may we, your worshippers, conserve you, for the desire of wealth and prosperity. We shower our praises on you.

Energy if best utilized brings prosperity and comforts in life.

sa bodhi sĘrir maghavČ vasupate vasudČvan

yudodhyasmad dve–Čnsi

Lord of wealth, giver of wealth, possessor of riches, wise will end their enmity having known that we have conserved you (energy).

The ˙gvaidika mantras (7.16.1) lays emphasis on conservation of sustainable energy, which is representative of all material objects in the universe for the smooth operation of several functions. The verse reads as under:

enČ vo agniŠ namasorjo napČta mČ huve

priyaŠ ceti–—ham aratiŠ svadhvaraŠ vi„vasya dĘtam am‚tam

I conserve for you Agni (the energy) for the purpose of power. The most suitable object for several operations, the sustainable representative of all the material bodies.

In the RV. (2.35.1) it is said that energy is main cause behind the stability of material objects. It is the source of power and transforms into various material forms. So it should be conserved.

upema s‚k– vČjayur vacasyČŠ

cano dadhĎta nČdyo giro me

apČŠ napČd Č„uhemČ kuvitsa

supe„asakarati jo–i–addhi

Desiring power, I put forth this laudatory hymn; may the sound­ing and swift-moving energy transformes in many beautiful forms, for verily the same is conserved.



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