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Welcome to www.ancientindiansciences.in, designed & developed by Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. under CSR project !
About the Project




What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to provide information on various aspects of Vedic Sciences

explored, invented and discovered by the Vedic seers of India.


What will be sources of Information?

The Vedas, Vedic recensions, Upavedas, Brahma‡as, ¶ra‡yakas, Upani–ads, SÊtra Literature,

VedÈ×gas, Upa×gas, Epics, Purȇas other allied Vedic literature will be the main source of information.


Who has undertaken this project?

This project has been undertaken by Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd.

 (A Govt. of India Enterprise) under social corporate responsibility in collaboration

 with Indian Foundation for Vedic Science under able stewardship of world renowned

 eminent Vedic scholar Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya.

Healthy Living through Vedic Science
Energy Generation through Vedas
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Can other interested persons/scholars participate/collaborate in this project?

Yes, anybody who is interested in the Vedic studies on scientific lines and Vedic Sciences can participate/collaborate in this project. All institutions of Vedas and modern sciences can also collaborate in this project.


Is the membership paid or free?

The membership is free for all.



What will be the outcome of this project?

1). This project will help make a proper review of India’s contribution to the world civilization in various branches of sciences. Indian element in various fields of science and technology will be acknowledged and scholars would not have a tough time believing that Indians could contribute to the field of original sciences. Thus the scholars would be able to make a proper review of India’s contribution to the world of civilisation in mathematical and other sciences.

2). The Vedic knowledge may also help to fill up the gaps of modern science and supplement the same to evolve to its fullest extent.

3). An exposure to the alternative (Vedic) scholarship will help widen the perception of modern scientists in their respective fields resulting into more and more innovative ideas adding new dimensions to the modern field of sciences.

4). It will provide a forum or a platform to find out the solution to the various issues of mass and global concern in the light of eternal laws (social and natural) discovered by the ancient Seers of India.

5). It will help the modern scientific knowledge synthesize with the Vedic one so that it may diffuse following the Vedic vision, for upkeep, advancement, safety and development of humankind and not for ecological crisis, destruction and extinction of living organisms.

6). It will promote such a vision (as discovered by the seers of India in the times of yore) as could bring about social reforms leading to harmony, friendship, fraternity and common culture to the present day trouble torn world of humankind and help in the cause of national and international peace, and, thus, suggesting to the modern science for more and more constructive role and to the Vedic science for more and more active role for the upkeep and safety of living organisms and the planet.



Is this website confined to furnish information from Ancient Indian Sciences on Energy Generation and Health only or it will take up other subjects also?

The website is in its formative stage. In due course of time all the subjects as far as possible will be covered.


What will be other features of this website?

This website is also going to feature some more options on its main menu like ‘News and Events’, ‘Information on Conferences’, ‘Vedic e-Calendar’, ‘Vedic Science e-Journal’, ‘Reviews of Books written on various aspects Vedas useful for modern day life’, ‘Photo Gallery’. It will also feature an  option of ‘Who’s Who’ regarding information on Vedic scholars contributed on various aspects of sciences in Ancient India and on Modern scholars who are engaged in scientific studies on Vedas and allied literature. Some other features may also be incorporated as per demand, need and requirements.        


Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon the ancient Indian Vedic texts and given with the sole intention to provide data on various aspects of Ancient Indian Sciences to make the scholars and students aware of various scientific concepts  prevalent in ancient India to do further research and investigation. We cannot guarantee about its validity and authenticity. Hence, it is proposed that before following any guidelines given in this website about maintaining good health or healthy life style or otherwise, one must consult the experts in the concerned field.