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 Karmas as determinant of Health

¶yurveda has a strong belief that karmas play a role of pathogenic factors in determining health of an individual. Good karmas are responsible for good health and pÈpa karmas are responsible for ill-health. Karmas, however, are not immediate pathogenic factors leading to affliction of diseases, rather they are pathogenic factors in reserve afflicting physical body in the next life. In other words, present life is the result of karmas done in the past life. Karmas of past life are translated into the physical body of the present life. ¶yurveda upholds this belief.

Janma-janmÈntara-k‚taŠ pÈpaŠ vyÈdhirupe‡a bÈdhate.

PÈpa-karmas done in past lives afflict one in the form of diseases in the present life.

According to ¶yurveda, the diseases caused by karmas of the past life can not be cured by following a normal course of treatment known as Yukti VyÈpÈ„raya CikitsÈ (treatment based upon administration of medicines). For them a specific treatment has been prescribed called as Deva VyÈpÈ„raya CikitsÈ ‘Treatment based upon the high regard for parents, teachers and other elderly persons in family and society.’  This fact can be verified from the following observeation of Caraka Sa×hitÈ (SÊtra-sthÈna, 1. 58).

pra„Èmyatyau–adhaiÌ pÊrvo daivayukti-vyapÈ„rayaiÌ.

The diseases of physical body can be treated through Deva VyÈpÈ„raya CikitsÈ  &  Yukti VyÈpÈ„raya CikitsÈ.   




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